About us

How to Remove is a non-profit association that intends to help private individuals and enterprises to clean their computers from unwanted programs but also to manage their internet privacy. This is easily achievable by explaining step by step how to delete an account and easily unsubscribe from a service.

Fake security blogs are being multiplied on the Internet and are prominently featured on Google. These sites offer you false solutions by downloading scareware that is difficult to be removed plus you will be asked to pay in order to make it work.

The site How to Remove is 100% free and offers efficient solutions, tested by our team. Simply, you have to follow the various guides to remove anything you want. In addition, the website team will offer its assistance along with useful advice to clean your computer and protect your Internet privacy through our support page.

The main source of our income is the displayed advertising in the right column of the site. We try hard to make the least intrusive but it’s really vital in order to pay the secured servers that host the site and permanently keep the quality service.

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The whole team of How to remove thanks you for your generosity!