How to remove ? How to remove ? Make space and clean your computer ! Mon, 07 Aug 2017 16:52:40 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Remove Plugins Button Mon, 07 Aug 2017 16:52:40 +0000 Plugins Button is a malicious extension made for Google Chrome (this kind of extensions is called Rogue.ForcedExtension in the IT world). This extension could hijack your default search engine, show unexpected pop-up ads and/or insert publicity in every website you visit.

Plugins Button is forced upon the user as a new extension by a malicious JavaScript code. Usually your browser will be directed towards keygens or porn websites.

The malicious JavaScript code acts in a clever way by showing a dialogue box asking if you wish to install an extension “Add Extension to Leaver”. When you click on “Cancel“, a new pop-up will be showed asking if you wish to “Block this page from showing further dialogue boxes”. Of course this message might make you think that it’s a legitimate Chrome window, therefore you confidently click on OK. Once this is done your browser will go on full screen mode to install Plugins Button.

If you’re infected you might experience one or more of the following:

  • advertising banners inserted in every website you visit
  • text being converted into links directly in the content you’re reading online
  • browser’s pop-ups offering fake updates and even fake software
  • hijacking of your default homepage and default search engine
  • redirection and tracking of your searches

The guide presented below will help you remove Plugins Button.

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Remove Sun, 06 Aug 2017 20:29:33 +0000 The web is no doubt a pests’ nest, many malicious programs can install search engines as homepage in your browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge. is an url used to redirect your browsing towards ads. Put it all together and you end up being annoyed all the time with unexpected tabs and windows coming from this address. This is a clear signal that at least one malicious program is installed in your system. If you wish to remove you must first find the adware responsible for opening up tabs coming from this url. Note that there might be more than one malicious program installed in your computer.

Pop-ups and tabs shown by are not dangerous on their own, however they will probably be promoting all kinds of tricks. It’s not uncommon to see messages pretending to be of help by alerting you about an alleged virus present in your computer, of course the only way to fix this so called virus is to download an install what will prove to be a malware. In any case what you can’t deny is that slows down your computer, pollutes your screen and could open the door to confidentiality issues. That’s why we strongly advice you to remove it from the very first time you see ads coming from

If you wish to stop and remove all these issues, disinfect Chrome and Firefox and therefore be at peace again, you can use the following guide.

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Remove PlayCapt Thu, 03 Aug 2017 22:02:53 +0000 PlayCapt is a service that allows you to access movies, games and music all the time and from any kind of device. This service attempts to be similar to Netflix, but we haven’t tested it ourselves and we strongly advice you not to try it yourself. is usually linked to an adware that opens this page over and over. The service in itself uses malicious advertising campaigns to get to the biggest amount of users possible in hopes of tricking many of them. You usually fell upon these campaigns when browsing streaming websites to watch films for free. What happens is that you’re asked to download and install an alleged video player and once you’ve done that… you become a victim of the endless ads that will promote PlayCapt as the best service to watch an endless amount of legal movies. Don’t fall for this… is nothing but a lie! If they actually have legal movies to show it’ll be not worth it.

To completely remove we recommend you to use our free guide shown below, but make sure to execute all steps included in it. If you actually subscribed for this service our recommendation is to contact your bank directly to stop the scheduled debit they demand. You could even try to contact PlayCapt directly to get a refund.

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Remove Mon, 31 Jul 2017 17:27:31 +0000 is a browser hijacker that takes the place of your default homepage without asking for your approval in any way, this problem affects Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. makes sure the user no longer has access to several menu options as an attempt to stop him/her from removing the new settings, in some cases they allow the change temporarily as they usually reset their own settings after every system restart. copies Google’s visual look to trick the user into believing it is a legitimate search engine, however the resemblance is merely in looks. Results shown by are obviously tampered with, since many of them will be sponsored links.

If you wish to remove you can follow along the steps presented in our guide below.

As a note of warning, always make sure to de-select unwanted cases when installing something new in your computer, that’s how you can avoid installing malicious software. is usually also used to show an alleged warning message about some serious issue with your system. This message includes a link that will take you to an “anti-spyware” seller website where you’ll be asked to pay quite a lot of money for a program that promises to fix the issue. The editor behind this so called solution is no other than the same editor behind, a smart move to make money through their own infected users.

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Remove Fri, 28 Jul 2017 22:43:45 +0000 is yet another parasite program classified as browser hijacker. We’re dealing here with a program that makes sure to modify certain settings in all web browsers installed on your system (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc…) in order to force upon you a different website both as default homepage and default search engine. Some browser hijackers go further modifying also your 404 error page, adding bookmarks and changing the welcome page in any new tab. Here’s a message many users dealing with this issue had encountered:

This website is not working has redirected you too many times.

Try clearing your cookies.


If you’ve been experiencing this problem, is most certainly a consequence of downloading something that was infected. You don’t need to go far into the web to be presented with many infection opportunities. A website asks you to install a video player to give you access to a streaming? Say no. A little ad is telling you that you could easily have access to the newest game just by installing a simple tool? Say No!! You should also mistrust programs found in large download platforms because those are usually packed in an installer that is likely to include parasites such as

The following guide includes free programs to help your remove, unlike many websites out there posing as security blogs that ask for money in exchange of a useless program like Spyhunter. Just follow our guide and you’ll be able to remove

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Remove Sun, 23 Jul 2017 14:40:44 +0000 is a browser hijacker, what this term means is that we’re dealing with a program that hijacks your browser’s settings to set its own. The website you see over and over coming from whenever you open you browser or perform a search is but the proof of the infection. This usually happens when you execute a program you downloaded from the web, usually hidden there was a program that makes sure several of your browser settings are changed, including your default homepage and default search engine. Other elements might also be changed by such as the error page and the welcome page in any new tab, furthermore shortcuts can also be added.

The goal behind all of these is to direct your browsing towards all the time because this allows the program editor to achieve thousands of visits as thousands of users are being infected. Plus, by placing ads disguised as results in the results page and therefore tempting users to click on them, they make money. In order to stop you from rolling back these changes, sets in motion several measures making it impossible to get rid of.

However, the free tools we recommend in the following guide will help you remove not only but also any other infection that might also be present in your system.

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Remove Alpha Shoppers Thu, 20 Jul 2017 17:12:57 +0000 Alpha Shoppers is a malicious program that is usually installed behind your back. To show ads and to collect our personal data, are the two main goals sough after by Alpha Shoppers, and believe us it was specially designed to achieve them. These ads can be seen as banners, pop-ups, fake Google results, or blue/green underlined words directly among the content of every website visited. Usually we see these ads labeled as Ads by Alpha Shoppers or Powered by Alpha Shoppers.

Besides ruining your browsing experience, Alpha Shoppers also makes sure to spy on what you do on-line by saving every search you perform and every website you visit. Alpha Shoppers goes as far as analyzing your whole computer, according to them for “statistics” means only, or so they say on their conditions of use. The truth is quite different as all this data is used to fill out databases that will be sold afterwards.

This adware can be found along with fake updates either for programs or plug-ins such as Flash and Java, usually found in video streaming websites.

If you’ve been infected with Alpha Shoppers you must be careful with websites offering you a removal solution because most of those are just tricks trying to get you to buy a scareware that will be useless and hard to remove as well.

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Remove AdsKeeper Wed, 19 Jul 2017 18:22:49 +0000 AdsKeeper is a malicious program that is charged at the same time your OS is charging and starts showing ads at regular intervals.

AdsKeeper‘s goal is to show unexpected ads in your computer to increase its editor’s advertising income. Ads shown by this program are usually labeled as AdsKeeper Ads or Ads by AdsKeeper.

Adware tools are programs whose goal is to make money for their creators by showing huge amounts of ads in every website you visit. When AdsKeeper is installed you might also suffer from a sudden slow response from your browser and even from the computer itself. This is due to the fact that AdsKeeper runs both as a browser plug-in and as a background process.

This kind of advertising software should be considered a parasite but not a dangerous one as a ransomware would be.

How did AdsKeeper end up in your computer?

It’s actually a little your own doing because it was you who installed it at the same time as some other program, probably a free one. Most of these adware tools are found attached to freeware installers.

If you’re not careful enough, you probably skip reading everything stated in the install process, therefore you don’t realize the additional programs being offered and go directly to the “Next” button, giving your full approval for them to be installed. Usually this installers are found in streaming, torrents, cracks and keygens websites, although they can also be found in popular downloads platforms.

Removing AdsKeeper can become a hard task, specially because there are a lot of websites offering you solutions like SpyHunter or Reimage that will prove useless in the end.

Fortunately there are some free tools like AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes that will allow you to remove it in just a few clicks.

The guide presented below will show you how to use these programs through video tutorials.

After you’re done with this guide you’ll be free from AdsKeeper and any other adware that might also be present in your system.

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Remove Amazon Assistant Sun, 16 Jul 2017 07:40:06 +0000 Amazon Assistant is an adware that is usually installed along with a program found on-line. Probably the install process for the downloaded program was modified to include unwanted programs such as Amazon Assistant. Even though this program looks official, we must remember that it was not developed by Amazon but by some other company. This program uses both Amazon’s search engines and APIs to allow you to search through the website. Once you get to the full webiste a cookie will be set in your computer; this cookie is used to pay Amazon Assistant if you purchase something in the following 24 hours.

Of course, Amazon does not promote the use of these tools, and it makes great efforts in keeping them clean by deactivating any partner using adware to install itself onto thousand of users. However, the process to make a new affiliate account is so easy and quick that to keep them all in line turns out really hard. On the other hand, as this is not an official tool we must remember that it could have hidden functionalities like a spyware would.

In any case, we offer you here a 100% free removal guide to get rid of Amazon Assistant. We strongly advice you to use all programs included in our guide to make sure you remove not only Amazon Assistant but any other unwanted program that might have arrived at the same time.

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Remove Tue, 11 Jul 2017 13:34:28 +0000 is yet another website classified under the term browser hijacker. This website is created to act as a search engine that replaces your own homepage. is usually installed when you download and install a free program you found on the net, furthermore it’s installed in such a way that to remove it manually becomes impossible, either because it makes sure to remove any menu options that would allow you to do it or because it has set measures in motion to be reinstated after every system restart.

Besides implanting itself as deep as it wants on your computer, also turns you into an income source through all the sponsored links it will show you; all visits that come from to these websites will become a commission for them.


Of course all of these actions are performed without the user’s knowledge nor approval, which is why is considered a virus. copies the visual appearance of a well known search engine in order to confuse the user… the resemblance however remains on looks only.

Search results shown by this browser hijacker are indeed manipulated as they include many sponsored links… and as stated before all of them pay for it.

If you wish to remove and recover you own search engine, follow along the guide presented below.

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