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  • Robert
    2 years, 2 months ago

    Hello, All!

    Ran into Fresh Outlook tonight. It’s one of the most insidious little malware programs I’ve ever come across! Tried using Revo Uninstaller on it, but it just kept adding more programs to remove. Had to finally restore from a system restore point to put an end to THAT. Even so, it still had the browsers infected.

    ADWCleaner WILL remove it from the browsers, but I’m guessing it messes with the HOSTS file, as it won’t let you download ADWCleaner OR Malwarebytes from the infected PC. Had to pull ADWCleaner in on a clean machine and load it onto a flash drive. Fortunately, ADWCleaner is portable.

    Glad it isn’t ransomware. This PUP is definitely enough of a PITA as it is!

    A Power Puff girl I am not, so how do I lose the ‘chick pic’ avatar?

    Also, your ‘sign in with Yahoo’ option is broken – it doesn’t return here after I give Yahoo permission to share my life with you…

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